DNA & RNA Purification

AcroPrep™ 384-well Filter Plates, 100 µL product photo

AcroPrep™ 384-well Filter Plates are ideal for use in high volume, high throughput sample prep applications. Plates are constructed from chemically-resistant, biologically-inert polypropylene with a clear polystyrene lid.

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AcroPrep™ 96-well Filter Plates, 1 mL product photo

Optimized for a variety of applications requiring larger per well volume processing. Plates are constructed of chemicallyresistant, biologically-inert polypropylene.

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AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well Filter Plates for Ultrafiltration product photo

AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well Filter Plates for Ultrafiltration provide rapid, efficient separation of biomolecules. Omega™ membrane provides high recovery and typically results in > 90% recovery of target biomolecules.

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AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well long tip Filter Plate for Nucleic Acid Binding product photo

The AcroPrep™ advance 96-well long tip filter plate for Nucleic Acid Binding (NAB plate) incorporates a silica-based quartz glass fiber media to allow for efficient binding of DNA and RNA, while providing smooth flow and rapid processing of samples.

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AcroPrep™ Advance Filter Plates for Lysate Clearance product photo

AcroPrep™ Advance Filter Plates for Lysate Clearance are manufactured with biologically inert materials that allow clarification of most types of lysates without loss of target molecules.

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Biodyne® Nylon Transfer Membranes product photo

Provide high sensitivity and low background for enhanced detection and resolution. Will not crack, shrink, or tear when subjected to multiple cycles of hybridization, stripping, and reprobing.

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BioTrace™ NT Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane product photo

Membranes have a high binding affinity (209µg/cm2) and are ideal for Western blot confirmatory tests. High binding capacity for proteins and nucleic acids. Lower protein burnthrough than competitors in electrophoretic transfers.

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BioTrace™ PVDF Transfer Membrane product photo
Product Type
Binding Membrane
FluoroTrans® PVDF Transfer Membranes product photo

Ideal for a wide variety of protein-analysis applications, these membranes with 0.2µm pore sizes feature naturally hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride filter media.

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Immunodyne® ABC Membrane product photo
Product Type
Binding Membrane
Jumbosep™ Centrifugal Devices product photo

Replaces dialysis, chemical precipitation, and lyophilization. Typically concentrates 60 mL sample volumes to 5 mL in 30 minutes. Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%.

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Macrosep® Advance Centrifugal Devices product photo

Macrosep® Advance centrifugal filters quickly concentrate up to 20 mL of biological samples. Rapidly concentrates 20 mL sample volumes to 0.5 mL. Provides high recoveries, typically > 90%.

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