Pall Online Account FAQ's

There are specification sheets available within the Product Pages, these are normally at a Product family level, there are usually links to the product family pages alongside the specifications for each product. If this does not suffice you can reach out for more support from the contacts below:

Contact us via email: Email us a question

If you have any questions, feedback, or issues with your online Pall account you can contact the eCommerce Enablement team directly \

New Customer eShop accounts can be easily created on your own within 5-10 minutes. Sign up here.

Once you submit a registration request for Pall customer portal, our customer service onboarding team will begin processing your request. Portal accounts are typically ready and available within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email from INFO@SHOP.PALL.COM with login information once your account is ready. If there is any issue causing delay, a customer service representative will reach out to you. For status updates, you can contact our team at Existing Pall customers can register here for an online portal account.

If you need to reset your password you can do so here. If you have any trouble you can contact customer service or the eCommerce Enablement team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phone or email. View all contact details here.

eCommerce Enablement Team can be reached by email :

Our customer service team can assist you through this process. We will require a completed credit application and references. Please contact customer service through this help form and they will be in contact with you for the application process. Once you have net invoice terms approved, our customer service team will create a new Pall account ID for you and automatically onboard this account into our customer portal for your convenience.

Our customer service team can help you locate your account information and help direct you to your best account options. If you have purchased from Pall in the past you probably already have an account that we can use and enable online. It can usually be found in any order acknowledgments or invoices we have sent previously to you.

You will receive emails for your order confirmation, order acknowledgment, shipping notifications, and invoices.

You can view the status of your order in your online account by checking the "Order Status" section. You will be able to see if your order is in process or shipped. Tracking numbers will be displayed once the order ships in the Order Detail of the order status.

To make any changes or updates to your order after it has been placed, please contact customer service.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Our return policy is posted here. Please contact customer service via Phoneor Email and we will be happy to help you.

Pall offers two online options for requesting a quote. Many products have "request quote" option enabled and if you are logged in you can submit a request through this method. Our inside sales teams will process your request for quote (RFQ) in typically 48 hours or less. Your pending RFQ's will be available in your quotes section of your online account. Alternatively, you can also use the Contact Us Email Form here and select the Inquiry Type "Ordering, Quotes, Samples, Demo". If you need a status on a quote request, please contact customer service.

Yes, our products will show inventory status and availability for shipment. You can enter your required quantity and get an estimated shipment date based on our inventory availability and standard lead times. The estimated ship date represents when it will ship from Pall. Delivery dates will be dependent on carrier and will be displayed before checkout. If an item is not in stock it will be committed at standard lead time.

Pall has an online tool for submitting and following up on Product Quality Complaints. You can do this here

Yes, several products have quality certificates available online. You can search for them here. If you are not able to locate your certificate, please contact our customer service team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

If you are an eShop customer you can add new addresses easily on your own. This can be done during checkout when placing a new order or by adding via My account under saved addresses. If you are a portal customer, we currently restrict address maintenance and new addresses need to be completed by our customer service team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Yes, we can help you add multiple buyers for each account to support all of your purchasing team and shipping locations. We have ADMIN, Buyer, and View Only User Permissions available. Please contact our customer service team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Yes, the Pall portal allows you to place a blanket order for a product with planned releases at fixed quantity and requested delivery dates in the future. This can be achieved by adding multiple lines of the product required with different requested quantities and delivery dates. If you have any difficulty with placing these types of orders we are happy to assist.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Yes, you can download a PDF copy of invoices, order acknowledgements, and shipping documents from the order status view of your portal account.

You can search for products, product family pages, and specification sheets using the search bar or browsing through your Catalog or Quotes in your portal account.

If you have a relationship with a Pall Sales Person, you can contact them directly to request an item to be added to your quote. Alternatively, many products in our eShop are enabled for digital "Request for Quote" and you can submit a request online directly. Once quotes are approved, they will automatically show up in your online account.

Please contact with the details of the product you are looking for. Our team is continually adding more and more products to the public eShop catalog. We will evaluate your request and if approved by our product managers we will enable the product as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can still place an order for this product through traditional methods with our customer service team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Your personalized "My Catalog" is built using 24 months of purchase history, and includes any items from active quotes or customer specific pricing. Your Quotes section of the portal will only show items that are on an open special price quote. You might have items in your Catalog from purchase history that do not have an active and valid price quote. You can contact your local sales account manager for an updated quote on these items. If you are not seeing an item that you need to purchase in your private catalog or in the Pall public catalog, Palls Customer service Team can add it to your special quotes and it will show up in your account. IF you do not have a Pall Sales Account Manager then please contact our Customer Service Team.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

We are displaying up to 24 months of order history in the portal. We also use 24 months of historical product purchases to generate your personalized "My Catalog".

Your Pall portal account will reflect your previously negotiated shipment terms & options (Prepay, Prepay & Add, Collect, Customer Pickup, etc.). Carrier selection can also be made at the time of ordering picking "BESTWAY" (most economical option at time of shipment), and UPS or FEDEX options for standard ground, next day, or 2-day shipping. Contact customer service for any questions regarding shipping.

Pall UK Customer Service can be reached by Phoneor Email. View all contact details here.

Our UK eShop is for new customers using credit cards.

Credit card payments are taken through a secured link via internet payment gateway. We do not store any credit card information. The following credit cards are accepted*:

  • VISA
  • Master Card

* Pall may change the method of payment at its absolute discretion. Pall reserves the right to accept or refuse any payment made in any form. Pall does not guarantee that a particular product will always be available. Your credit card company may conduct security checks to confirm it is you making the order.

The eShop currently has fixed shipping rates (may vary based on product) for either standard ground or expedited (overnight). Some products may qualify for free shipping. Contact customer service for any questions regarding shipping.

The eShop Shipping charges are fixed based on Product Type and order value or quantity. Shipping charges are displayed at order checkout and will be pre-authorized on your credit card. Charges are not billed until the product ships.

Yes, we have many different features available within your account to improve your overall customer experience. Pall's eCommerce Enablement team is looking to pursue automation and integration opportunities with customer eProcurement systems. If you have a point of contact who could connect with Pall to discuss this these options, please contact us at

Pall can support integrations with Ariba and other similar networks such as Coupa, Taulia, Jaggaer, and Tungsten. If you are using one of these systems and would like to partner with Pall for integration options, please contact us at

Yes, the Pall digital team is able to support punch-out and hosted catalog requests. These are managed as a project and require close partnership with your supplier support teams. Please contact if you would like to discuss these options.

Yes, we would be pleased to schedule a call with you for personalized training and demonstration of our online account options. Please contact with this request and we will be in contact with you.

Once you place your order you can expect an email confirmation to be sent to you and you can also check the "Order Status" in your account and verify that your order is showing as successfully submitted.